Are you ready to take on a zombie apocalypse? The folks from one city had to answer that question after a power outage and "zombie alert" was sent out! My first thought when I read this was to yell Carl! Carl!, my Walking Dead fans will understand that reference. 

According to CNBC, Residents of a Lake Worth in Florida got the surprise of their life when an alert for a power outage for the area also included a "zombie alert". During a 27-minute power outage on Sunday, about 7,880 customers were sent the message warning them of the "zombie alert" A spokesman for Lake Worth, Ben Kerr, said

"officials determined that no current or former employees edited the pre-prepared message to include the warning of a zombie invasion."

Turns out that the city had a hacking issue during Hurricane Irma last September, and even though that issue was quickly handled, Kerr stated " officials thought they got to all the messages, "but it turns out there was one hiding in the system." Check out the story here and a pic of the actual alert! 

It's definitely funny now, but I'm sure at the time some panic arose. It made me wonder what I would do if this happened to me. What would you do? Are you prepared if something like this happened for real? I'm excited to say, I've now decided to build a bunker and stock up on food and supplies! How long is milk good for if it's not refrigerated? Asking for a friend...

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