"Wonderful World of Disney" holds nostalgia for many people and it's about to be revived by ABC.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC will be bringing back the Wonderful World of Disney banner for a series of theatrical movies.

The movies will air on Wednesday nights, starting May 20th with Moana.

Thor: The Dark World will air on May 27th. Up will air on June 3rd. Lastly, Big Hero 6 will air on June 10th.

Normally, ABC airs the NBA Finals in June but since that won't happen due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they are filling the void for viewers. They also will start rolling out their game shows earlier than normal.

There's just something special about watching theatrical movies in primetime on network television. I know we have streaming services now, so it may have lost its allure, but it's still special for families.

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