Western New York has become the "Hollywood of the East" over the past couple years.  They're always looking for actors...but this project isn't for a movie or TV show.

If you're an actor, even if you're not a good actor, the Erie County Department of Health is looking for your help on a project that they have coming up in August.  The good news is that it's on a Saturday so you might actually be available for it.  But if you're hoping to get famous from it, that's probably not going to happen.  This isn't for a TV show or a movie.  This is to help your community.  They're looking for actors to play victims for a first responder/emergency services disaster drill.

They're looking for people to act as victims as they create a hypothetical scenario that first responders could have to deal with.  It will help them to be prepared if disaster strikes.  Essentially all you have to do is be a body for them to treat.  I don't believe you'll have to memorize any lines or anything and it could teach you a thing or two also.

The event is coming up on August 27th from 6 am to 3 pm and you'll have to be available for all 9 hours.  You have to be 18 years old or older and it is a volunteer opportunity.  They're looking for 160 people to sit in for the day and as I'm typing this, they've only filled around 50 so there is plenty of room.

If you've ever wanted to see how our first responders train for things like this, it could be an eye-opening experience.  If you need more info, or you'd like to get signed up, click here.  You can also email ECMRC@erie.gov with your name, contact email, phone number and age.

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