The City of Buffalo has often been the bud of jokes for reasons that don't really deserve all the ridicule. Snow and nothing to do are usually the top two things people talk negative things about the region.

Granted, lake effect snowstorms and blizzards, like the ones we got late last year, don't help with that mindset. However, Buffalo and Western New York has many great things to offer, such as great summers, affordable housing and amazing bar food.

Beef on weck, French onion soup and pizza logs are gold standards in Buffalo, but the number one food the city is known for are chicken wings.

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Great wings can be had at so many places in Western New York. Many pizzerias serve up awesome wings, which is definitely not the case outside of Buffalo. Most cities don't have great wings at pizza places.

Bars are also great at making wings in Buffalo and while we know about Bar-Bill Tavern, Elmos and Nine-Eleven Tavern, to name a few legendary ones, there's an underrated bar in Buffalo that might just serve up the most underrated wings around.

Nate Geary sports raved about Adolf's Old First Ward and their wings, which I have had once before and can confirm they are amazing and severely underrated.

It's a classic old-school bar in Buffalo.

Wings are a perfect Buffalo food.

When the weather gets cold for five months, people crave comfort food. Fried, hot and some spice to it. Wings are a perfect signature dish for a city like Buffalo.

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