A few weeks ago we got a great message on Facebook from a mom who wrote in asking if we could help supply decorations for her daughter's birthday -- Tinka, who was turning five, had requested a WYRK-themed party.

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First we were like, ok that's adorable. Next, we were like, we can do more than just help with decorations -- let's bring a party!

Clay & Val brought out the WYRK van and some birthday treats and surprises for Tinka -- after all, it's not every day you turn a whole hand.

A big thank you to Tops Friendly Markets on Southwestern Boulevard in Orchard Park for providing the cake -- see how cute our little Clay & Company avatars look? They did such a great job making a pretty cake for this little lady's special day.

Another big thank you to Picasso's Pizza for providing us with pizzas to bring to the party.

Y’all, she may be only 5 years-old but this gal knows how to spell COUNTRY! W-Y-R-K!

Happy birthday Tinka! Thanks for listening every day!

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