Yesterday the announcement came that Buffalo Bills superfan Pancho Billa (Ezra Castro) passed away.  Today, incredible news comes in his name.

It's sad to hear that someone has passed away.  However, when so much good comes from it, it makes the news a little easier to take.

Ezra Castro was known to Buffalo Bills fans as Pancho Billa - the colorful fan who had zero quit in him.  He was an inspiration to the fans and players.  And though he fought bravely to the very end, he lost his battle to cancer yesterday.

Bills fans have been known to put their money where their mouth is.  We are loud, we are rowdy, but it could also be said that we are incredibly generous.  Yesterday, they proved it.

After the news came that Castro had passed away, Bills fans stepped up once again.  According to WIVB, dozens of donations came in to Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Pancho Billa's name.

"A spokesperson for Roswell Park Cancer Institute confirmed Tuesday that the institute has received dozens of donations in Billa's name from across the country."


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