This time of year, parents are pulling out their shared calendars and juggling their child’s crazy schedule of activities they’ll be participating in throughout the school year - and for a lot them, it’s shuffling their kid off to football, soccer, hockey, field hockey, cheerleading, or volleyball practice. 

Because Buffalo is a city that’s surrounded by sports, it’s no wonder that area kids have so many options when it comes to athletics. But what if your youngin’ doesn’t want to play sports?

They could’ve tried it before and hated it, played for years and got tired of it, or they just don’t have the “athlete” gene. No matter what the reason is that your child doesn’t want to play sports, it can be challenging for them not to feel left out and excluded.

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Listen - not every Buffalo kid wants to grow up to be Josh Allen - and that’s okay! Just because your child doesn’t like or want to participate in sports doesn’t mean they should sit home on their phone every day after school. 

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