If you've ever driven in New York State, outside of the city, you know that it is very rural and there's always a chance that some animal may jump in front of your car. Personally, I have a fear of deer. When I drive at night (but even during the day too), I am constantly on the lookout for deer on the side of the highway or backroad, who seem ever so ready to run in front of my car.

According to National Geographic,

In mammals, albinism occurs when an individual inherits one or more mutated genes from both parents that interfere with the body’s production of melanin, the main pigment that determines the color of skin, fur, and eyes. The production of melanin occurs within melanocytes, specialized cells that are present but not fully functional in albino mammals.

A man named Dan Burkholder caught a rare sight on his $14 dashcam. While driving he spotted what appears to be a rare albino fox,

We saw an albino fox near Palenville, NY, this evening. This is cropped into $14 dashcam footage so the quality fails, but the sighting gave Jill and me a sense of wonder at the way natural beauty can suddenly surprise and delight.

Back in 2019, a Long Island Man found an albino raccoon in his back yard. Strangely enough, I love little "trash pandas," so this one is extra special. It kind of looks like an extra fluffy white cat. Check out the video.

Across New York, there have been sightings of the albino animals, including deer, squirrels and there was even a Kangaroo born at a Harpursville, New York zoo

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