When you bump into someone out of town and you tell them that you are from Buffalo, NY they bring up two things: the Buffalo Bills and the weather.

It's like EVERYONE across the country knows that Western New York gets hit by snow pretty good. (I hate to jinx it right now while I type this) We have had a pretty mild winter don't you think? We really only got whacked with snow one time right before Christmas. Other than that we have no had much. In fact, we have been hovering above freezing temperature, for quite some time.

I know it stinks for most of our snowmobile trails this year, but if you do not like shoveling this is a great year for you. 319 days straight we have not seen a day below 15 degrees, according to the National Weather Service: "The last time #Buffalo dipped to 15°F or lower was March 1, 2020, when we reached 13°F"

  • The last record with consecutive days above 15 degrees was 318 days.
  • In November 2020, Buffalo Broke the record had the highest record for November 9. The previous record was 70 degrees, Buffalo hit 76!
  • July 2020 holds the record for the hottest month of all time in Western New York.
  • December 2020, we broke the record for the amount of snowfall on the 26th with over 18 inches.
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