We take our food seriously here in Buffalo. The Bills, Sabres and the community we take seriously as well, but we love our food to boundary pushing levels. We will let you know if you dog the food in Buffalo, especially if it's the wings or pizza. We do those things well and we're proud of it.

So, when celebrity chef and The Food Network TV host Alton Brown criticized the wings in Buffalo on the talk show Hot Ones back in 2018, Buffalonians took notice.

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"If you want good wings?"


"Uh, you don't go to freakin' Buffalo," said Brown.

Brown's comments were in the spotlight once again two weeks ago after a Twitter thread mentioned him and his 2018 comments.

Brown just so happened to be performing at Shea's this Wednesday and he took notice of the harsh criticism at his wings in Buffalo take. Brown apologized to Buffalo and said that he evidently went to the wrong places, and that he wanted to dedicate a day in Buffalo by going to the right places.

Monday happened to be the day he went to multiple places for wings, including Bar-Bill and La Nova, according to The Buffalo News.

Brown visited Bar-Bill where he had medium and honey butter BBQ , and he also stopped by Elmos in Getzville off Millersport Highway, according to Nate Geary, who went with Brown and his crew.

By all accounts, Brown loved his wing experience. Bar-Bill is my favorite place for wings with Elmos second. The only other place I would have wanted him to go is Nine-Eleven Tavern, but they are closed on Mondays unfortunately.

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