The holidays are here and we're just two days away from Christmas Day. Now is the time to start finishing up that shopping and wrapping presents. It's also a Saturday, so we will have many people going out with family and friends over the next 24 hours, as we get closer to Christmas Day.

East Aurora is one place that many people will be having fun on Saturday and through the new year.

Bar-Bill Tavern is arguably the most popular spot for chicken wings in Western New York and is also a great place for people to have some drinks. The same can be said for their other two locations (Clarence and Rochester).

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To help their customers, Bar-Bill announced something on Friday evening that had people blown away.

They announced that through the holidays, they will be offering free Uber rides to customers who need it. All they have to do is simply show their beverage receipt and the hostess will request the ride.

How amazing is that?

Uber costs can be expensive, depending on when it is and how far you need a ride. For Bar-Bill to do this is simply amazing. They didn't have to but wanted to make sure the roads stay safe and to help out customers during the Christmas season. It's extremely heartwarming.

If you are going out the next week or so, make sure you have a driving plan if you plan on drinking. Utilize Uber, Lyft or make sure you have a designated driver.

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