The Weirdest Thing You Will Ever See in Someone’s Car
It is amazing how just a couple of weeks ago in New York State there were restrictions on restaurants and bars on when they could stay open until and it seems in just a matter of days officials have lifted so many rules and laws This development and update is the latest in a string of looser laws and recommendations from New York State and the United States Center for Disease Control. ... Read M
Uber Says You Must Show Proof Before Getting In Their Cars
Have you taken an Uber in the past 6 months since the COVID-19 pandemic began? The rule is that you must wear a mask upon entering the Uber car, but you know that not EVERYONE abides by the rules and things can get awkward. If you roll up to the Uber driver without a mask and try to get into their car, it puts them in a bad situation...
The 50 Strangest/Unique Things Left In Uber
It's 4 AM, you're kind of tipsy leaving downtown and you take an Uber and you forgot something in it. I know you've taken an Uber and everyone seems to know someone who has a funny/weird Uber story, but they have a complete list since the ride sharing service has launched about everything people have lost over the years...
Get A Free Ride Home in WNY For The Holidays
William Mattar is helping you get home by paying for your ride home again this year! There's a little bit different twist to what has happened in the past--The William Mattar’s Safe Ride Home 4 the Holidays Program, delivered through Designated Drivers of Buffalo. You can get YOU ...
WNY Law Makers Want To Charge You Extra Fee on Ubers
Ugh. State lawmakers love to tax us for every little thing. Three Western New York democrats have proposed that every time you take an Uber or Lyft you are charged an extra dollar, for every ride. They want to charge you more across the entire state, apparently, for funding an infrastructure improvements campaign, especially in Upstate New York. Remem...
Uber Eats
The same people that will pick you up and take you places can now grab you breakfast, lunch and dinner!

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