You're going to start seeing cars in Buffalo today not having anyone driving them. They'll be driving down the 33, you will look over and NO ONE will be in them.

They're called WAYMO cars.

WAYMO is basically a competitor of Uber--but, there they are self-driving cars. No driver. No nothing. They are around Buffalo testing out the area so you are going to see them this week. They're white cars that look kind of 'futuristic' with tons of cameras on the top and side of the car.

How do you use WAYMO?

When it becomes available to people in Buffalo, New York? You are going to have to download the app, you order the WAYMO and when it gets to your house or destination, the car will have your initials on top of the car. Then you use your phone to unlock the door, you get in and you are on the way.

It is a wild realization that were are in 2024 and the world is operating this way.

You have to see this car.

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