2019 Top Destinations in Buffalo For Lyft
It's been life changing since ride sharing has (finally) made its way to Buffalo. Lyft has released the Top 50 cities who use the app and where each city's most popular destination is. While it's no surprise that these are some of the hot spots, it's good knowing Buffalo is fully…
New Features On Lyft You Can Appreciate
You would think that they would have thought about something like this already!
Lyft has a new feature on the app when you call for a rid--panic button for riders who need to call 911. Other new features will be coming out as well--bigger license plate numbers larger in the app, sexual harassment pre…
Uber Is Finally In Buffalo!
You can now download Uber and get a ride. I just downloaded the app and you can request a ride from one of the zillion people that are already signed up for Uber.
I just checked and it would take me about $18.47 to get to my house in Lancaster where in an ordinary cab it would take about $45 (One tim…
Free Uber Codes in Buffalo
They announced the official first day for Uber and Lyft in Buffalo and now, it's time to get ready! Buffalo is the largest town in America without Uber or Lyft so, chances are if you've been out of town you've used ride sharing.
There are some free codes and promotional things that Ube…
New Date For Buffalo Uber
It was a minor tweak in some wording that could get Uber here sooner than expected. Originally, the when ride-sharing was passed a few weeks back, Western New Yorkers could expect Uber and Lyft to be officially here on July 9.
Though, with the tweak of one word, 20 officials and lawmakers have signed…
When Is It Coming?
In an article in the Buffalo News, Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes was quoted as saying "Uber is definitely coming."  But the big question is, how long will we have to wait.
Getting Uber To Buffalo
Buffalo is the largest city in the United States without Uber or Lyft and Andrew Cuomo is speaking out because he wants it here and all over New York.
Right now, New York City has the ride-sharing programs, but the rest of the state does not...