Growing up in West Seneca, I was part of the middle class and I always was a penny pincher but what I did the other day made my wife call me a cheapskate.

Over the past month, chances are that you at some point attended or saw a graduation party. It is a big day to celebrate the achievement of completing high school and heading off to the real world whether that be in college, the military, or into the job force.

Graduation celebrations are usually a big deal with lots of food and drinks. The other day we went to my nephew's graduation party and the spread was awesome.

There was BBQ chicken, potatoes, mac and cheese, and so many more delicious foods.

So this is where my wife thinks I went off the rails. As we were leaving, I noticed that my in-laws had a lot of food still on the table. Mind you, we left the party early so there were still guests coming to hang out after us.

But, the food was so good, I figured that I would ask my brother-in-law for a to-go bag, aka "A Doggie Bag". I figured the food was so good that it would be even better as leftovers the next day.

My wife thought what I did was tacky and that I was being a cheapskate, trying to take my brother-in-law's food so I wouldn't have to buy lunch the next day.

I thought there was no harm in asking and if they were worried about not having enough food, my brother-in-law would have said no to my request.

What do you think? Was I being a cheapskate because I asked for some food to go or as a guest am I entitled to some extra food to take home?

Let me know your thoughts by sending me a DM using the station App.

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