My wife and I moved in Lancaster earlier this year and we have been focusing so much on doing renovations that we really haven't spent much time in the basement at all.

When we finally got the keys to the house and went in, we knew that we had a ton of work to do inside. There were things left in the house all over the place. We knew what we were getting into, but we keep finding these little 'treasures' inside the house.

There were a ton of books that were left in the house, so on the FIRST day that we moved in, we flipped through all of the pages of these books with hopes that there was money in one of them (we kept the books, so when people come over to our house they all say the same thing: 'did you flip through all the pages and see if there was any money in there?') BUT, we did find a funeral program from John F. Kennedy's funeral in 1963.

We found a stump resting on top of the beam in the basement with some initials carved into it.

The latest discovery: we found this bayonet inside the house. We are going to get it appraised and hopefully, they can tell us a little more about what this antique is and maybe a little more about the history of origin.

Does anyone know what this is? Maybe where it's from? It's a strange discovery, but certainly another one of the 'treasures' that we keep finding.

What's the strange thing that you've found in your house? Strange things you find in your new home?

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