The Buffalo Bills beat the Super Bowl Champion LA Rams last night.  But what would happen if they met again in the Super Bowl this year?

I know...I know...we are just one game in, but I'm not the only one guessing that the Bills have a chance of being in the Super Bowl this year.  They're actually pretty heavily favored not only to be in the Super Bowl...but many people are predicting that they could easily be the winner.

Last night, some people thought that we could have been watching a preview of this year's Super Bowl matchup.  If you're a Bills fan, that might get you pretty excited.  I mean, the Bills beat the Rams pretty handily.  Even after giving the ball away 4 times, they were able to put up 31 points on them and only hold them to 10.  That's pretty incredible.

But just because they won last night doesn't mean that this is going to be a walk in the park.

What does history say about regular season matchups that are then repeated in the Super Bowl?

It's happened 14 times in the history of the Super Bowl. where two teams go head to head in the regular season, then they have a rematch for the big game.  Did the winner of the regular season game always win their rings?  Here are the matchups according to ListWire:

Super Bowl XII (Winner of Regular Season WON Super Bowl also)

Regular season: Cowboys 14, Broncos 6
Super Bowl: Cowboys 27, Broncos 10


Super Bowl XV (Winner of Regular Season LOST Super Bowl)

Regular season: Eagles 10, Raiders 7
Super Bowl: Raiders 27, Eagles 10


Super Bowl XVI (Winner of Regular Season WON Super Bowl also)

Regular season: 49ers 21, Bengals 3
Super Bowl: 49ers 26, Bengals 21


Super Bowl XVIII (Winner of Regular Season LOST Super Bowl)

Regular season: Washington 37, Raiders 35
Super Bowl: Raiders 38, Washington 9


Super Bowl XX (Winner of Regular Season WON Super Bowl also)

Regular season: Bears 20, Patriots 7
Super Bowl: Bears 46, Patriots 10


Super Bowl XXI (Winner of Regular Season WON Super Bowl also)

Regular season: Giants 19, Broncos 16
Super Bowl: Giants 39, Broncos 20


Super Bowl XXV (Winner of Regular Season LOST Super Bowl)


Regular season: Bills 17, Giants 13
Super Bowl: Giants 20, Bills 19


Super Bowl XXVIII (Winner of Regular Season LOST Super Bowl)

Regular season: Bills 13, Cowboys 10
Super Bowl: Cowboys 30, Bills 13


Super Bowl XXIX (Winner of Regular Season WON Super Bowl also)

Regular season: 49ers 38, Chargers 15
Super Bowl: 49ers 49, Chargers 26


Super Bowl XXXIV (Winner of Regular Season LOST Super Bowl)

Regular season: Titans 24, Rams 21
Super Bowl: Rams 23, Titans 16


Super Bowl XXXVI (Winner of Regular Season LOST Super Bowl)

Regular season: Rams 24, Patriots 17
Super Bowl: Patriots 20, Rams 17


Super Bowl XLII (Winner of Regular Season LOST Super Bowl)

Regular season: Patriots 38, Giants 35
Super Bowl: Giants 17, Patriots 14


Super Bowl XLVI (Winner of Regular Season WON Super Bowl also)

Regular season: Giants 24, Patriots 20
Super Bowl: Giants 21, Patriots 17


Super Bowl LV (Winner of Regular Season LOST Super Bowl)

Regular season: Chiefs 27, Buccaneers 24
Super Bowl: Buccaneers 31, Chiefs 9


So in the 14 times that teams have rematched in the Super Bowl, the teams that won in the regular season only won the big game 6 times.  That means teams lose more often in the rematch.

Should we have been actually rooting for the Bills to lose?  Or should we just hope it's not the Rams that we end up having to face if we make it that far?

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