We're officially counting down the days that the Buffalo Bills will be taking the field at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Highmark Stadium on September 12th. It will be the first time that fans will be in full attendance at a regular season game since the finale during the 2019 season.

The preseason will have to be played first, however, as the Bills first matchup will be next Friday night at the Detroit Lions at 7 pm.

It's not all X's and O's and game matchups right now. There are some things that the Bills are having fun with off-the-field.

On Wednesday evening, they shared this amazing photo that Michael Edwards originally captured. It's a beautiful sunset to most, but to Bills fans, it's a sunset that looks exactly like the Bills logo!

Check out the photo below.

It kind of looks like the Buffalo (Bills logo) has a horse on its back, doesn't it?

Anyway, kudos to Michael Edwards for getting that photo because I'm sure it just became a lot of people's wallpaper on their smartphone home screen.

The Bills next open practice is this Saturday at 10 am at Highmark Stadium.

If you're wondering if there's a home preseason game this year, there is! It will be played August 28th against the Green Bay Packers at Highmark Stadium.

I'm not sure how much (if at all) Aaron Rodgers or Josh Allen will play in that game, but it may be a good chance to see two of the NFL's bests in action, albeit, for only a series or two.

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