I think we were all told as kids what went into hot dogs and that's probably why there is an unwritten rule that you just don't talk about it when you're eating them! A recent study done by Applegate was just released by PRNewswire.com that shows just how scared Americans are to find out what's in their hot dogs!

Here are a few of Applegate's findings:

  • Fear factor: 43% of Americans say they are scared to find out what goes into their hot dogs.
  • Science or sausage?: Over a third of Americans avoid eating hot dogs because they believe they are made with low-quality meat or are made with artificial ingredients and chemicals.
  • Keep it short: Americans are six times more likely to prefer a hot dog made with a simple, short list of ingredients.
  • Millennials not hot for dogs: Americans ages 18-34 avoid hot dogs more than any other age group; 24% say they never buy hot dogs.
  • Women more choosy: Nearly 50% of females are scared to find out what is in their hot dogs, compared to just 37% of males.
  • Top that: 61% of Americans list mustard as their favorite hot dog topping.

Have you ever thought about what's in your hot dog? Are you brand loyal?

Read more from Applegate about their findings and they'll even give you a coupon HERE.


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