I couldn't believe my ears earlier this week when I heard the Town of Amherst is scaling down the types of items they'll accept for recycling.  The reason they say is that there is a glut of recyclable materials around the world.

Highway Superintendent Patrick Lucey says China buys up most of the world's recyclables, but recently they've been rejecting it and now there's just too much of it and the prices being paid for recyclables is falling.

Amherst is the first town to cut back on the types of items they're willing to accept.  I'm not sure that I'm willing to accept that if that practice spreads to where I live.  I've been diligently separating glass, plastics and paper for recycling for years now and it's something cities and towns have been hitting us over the head with for years.  It's something I feel good about because in a small way it benefits the environment.  But, now they don't want it?
Specifically, Amherst no longer wants colored glass containers, green, brown...any color other than white.  Residents are asked to throw colored glass into their regular trash.
Additionally, only #1 or #2 plastic containers are being accepted.  Anything other than #1 and #2 plastics should be thrown out.
Lucey admits it was a difficult decision, but the recycling companies are dumping into landfills anyway at a cost to the town.  Meanwhile he says the town is looking for another company or an alternate way to use colored glass.




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