Happy New Year New York State! The ball has dropped on 2024 and we are already a couple of days in to the year. While there is plenty of talk about the increase in minimum wage and the new laws that are no in place, there is an added bonus that we all get this year that some are excited about.

New York State, although expensive, offers plenty of positives. From Albany to Niagara Falls, the Empire State is a beautiful place with plenty of things to do no matter the season.

Now that 2024 is here, we get an extra day to enjoy the things that New York State has to offer. Welcome a leap year!!

The day gets tacked on to the end of February every four years, with some exceptions, to keep our dates in sync with the seasons.

Looking to enjoy New York State's natural places? There are plenty of opportunities, and the state is offering the chance to see them on a hike.

The 13th annual event includes options for hikes ranging from self-guided treks to staff- or volunteer-led hikes, with some locations offering multiple options allowing people the time and space to enjoy nature’s winter wonders.

Happy New Year! Hopefully you have a safe and healthy year and enjoy that extra day!

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