There are two big countdowns happening in New York State this week. The first is the countdown to Easter weekend and the second is the countdown until the total solar eclipse. Millions of people will be traveling for both across New York over the next 10 days.

The hype around the eclipse is real and it looks like the Western New York area is THE place to be when the point/moment of totality happen. Niagara Falls, New York has been named one of the best places to witness the eclipse in the entire world!

But among the hype, is the discussion and warnings that the suns powerful rays can still be very harmful if you see them with the naked eye. If you need help with your eyes after viewing the eclipse, one New York State University is ready.

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According to reports, the University at Buffalo is giving people the chance to get their eyesight checked following the upcoming solar eclipse.

Spectrum New in Buffalo reports that, "UB ophthalmology medical residents will staff the clinic, which will be open from 4-9 p.m. on April 8 at the offices of UBMD Ophthalmology/Ross Eye Institute at 1176 Main St. in Buffalo".

If you have not gotten your glasses yet, there is still some time and there are dozens of locations to get them for FREE in New York State.

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