The King has spoken...that is the Wing King, and he has proclaimed that June 4th, 2018 will officially #NationalBlueCheeseDressingDay. This comes hot on the heels of a touchy subject that Frank's Hot Sauce brought up on #NationalRanchDressingDay when the showed WNY's beloved wings with Ranch Dressing.

As you can imagine this started a bit of a tweet storm from those in Buffalo and those who love chicken wings.

They soon realized the error in their ways and tried to correct their mistake with this tweet.

To which some people accepted and let them back in...

Even though Frank's is back in some people's good graces the debate is now on for when #NationalBlueCheeseDressingDay should be.  However, the Wing Festival has announced that June 4th will be given the honor and I hear there are some pretty cool things to come with the day!

According to a Facebook post more information will be on the way on how the holiday will be celebrated. Until then we will continue to celebrate the perfection that is the chicken wing.

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