To my dad and all Bills fans out there who have seen it all,

I'm not going to lie, Bills fans my age do have it tough, after seeing nothing but losing for most of my football watching existence (the 17-year playoff drought).

However, I couldn't imagine what fans his age have been through it in the last six decades of watching this team. The Bills had some good teams in the 1960s, but their AFL championships came before the AFL and NFL merger (it wasn't the "Super Bowl" yet). The Super Bowl championship has eluded the franchise, dating all the way back to the very first Super Bowl (people forget the Bills lost to the Kansas City Chiefs, who went on to play the Green Bay Packers in that first game).

The team had up and downs in the 70s and 80s, but man, those teams in the early 90s must've been something else. To be THAT close, not once, but FOUR times and not win it had to be a gut-punch.

I was alive for those early 90s Super Bowl teams but I was a baby and then a toddler, so I was not to the point yet I was watching sports (not sure if I can even give you a memory from before the age of 5). That heartbreak of the early 90s Super Bowls seems to be what has defined the Bills franchise outside of Western New York, whether that's unfair or not.

My biggest fear as a Bills fan is to never see the team win a championship. I know he's been watching the team since the late 60s. That's a long time to be a fan of a team and never see them win one.

When I see the 2020 Bills play, I'm so happy, not just for me or the team but for all those Bills fans who have seen it all and haven't experienced a championship yet. Honestly, this team the next couple years looks to be their best chance at a Super Bowl since the Jim Kelly-led teams of those early 90s years.

The Bills are what really brings this community together. We live and ride with every good or bad play.

My dad has been there for me every step of the way and even supported me in my foolish attempt at a career in radio (no really, I do love this job) and I would give anything for him and those longtime fans to witness a Bills team win the Super Bowl.

My favorite game-day experience is when we decided to park so far away from the stadium to save on parking money and were sore afterwards! It was the 2007 game against, ironically enough, the Baltimore Ravens, the Bills next playoff opponent. The Bills did win that game, if you're wondering.

I love you dad and go Bills!

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