Before you start yelling at me about the following rant/opinion piece just know that I know that area high schools don't have a lot of pull when it comes to outside sources, but maybe they can be more proactive in terms of taking care of their students.

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Attention all Western New York High Schools, ADs, Principles, Superintendents, Parents, and anyone associated with high school sports...WHY DOES IT COST SO MUCH TO WATCH KIDS PLAY????

This past Friday, my son Avry had a wonderful chance to participate in age-old high school tradition, go root on your high school football team in the playoffs. The Frontier Falcons were taking on Jamestown in the playoffs at the home of the Buffalo Bills, Highmark Stadium.

He was really excited to be in-person to cheer on his school and his friends inside a pro stadium. The ticket for the game was $10, which isn't that bad. $10 for a couple of hours of entertainment is on par with going to the movies or going to grab some food with friends.

The problem I have and it might be out of the hands of the High School officials is the outrageous prices for snacks at a HIGH SCHOOL football game. Again, this is not a Bills game or even a UB football game. This was a game between two high schools with lots of high school students in the stands.

Sure it would have been cool if the tickets were cheaper for the students, but for the folks running the concessions to charge $7 for a pretzel, $5.50 for a box of candy you could have gotten at the dollar store and $5 for a large pop is crazy. You are price gouging HIGH SCHOOL students. Most of these kids don't have a job, heck most are not even old enough to get one. For adults to charge students these prices is crazy.

Before you tell me about the contracts with the Bills and these are prices that people pay at Bills games, this is different. The Stadium is owned by Erie County. These are students who go to school in Erie County and you are charging them these crazy prices.

I have seen plenty of sketchy things with youth sports. Leagues charging parents to watch their kids play in a tournament that they PAID to be in. Charging for parking and admission to games featuring kids under the driving age. Hundreds of dollars to be in a travel league where you play the team from across town in a match 300 miles away.

On the bright side, my son Avry had a blast at the game and he loved hanging out with friends and rooting on his classmates under the bright lights of a pro stadium. I am sure the kids on the field will forever have lifetime memories from the game over the weekend.

I will always remember the $5.50 my son paid for a small bag of M&Ms and that isn't right.


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