The Los Angeles Times is calling Chelsea Handler the most overpaid celebrity on TV.  Here's how the paper came to its conclusion: divide the salary by the number of viewers the show pulls in.  In Handler's case, she makes $12 million and her show attracts 0.7 million viewers.  That turns out to be $16.70 earned per viewer.  Other celebrities making the list were Anderson Cooper ($13.54/viewer) & David Letterman ($9.69/viewer).

As far as those who are underpaid (and I can't DISAGREE with this one more) Ashton Kutcher, who makes $17 million only rakes in $1.16/viewer.  Maybe that is because he's over exposed.  Two and a Half Men has 14.7 million viewers, so I guess by this formula Ashton is overpaid! (puke).  Another underpaid celebrity is Ryan Seacrest who makes $15 million and American Idol has 20 million viewers.  That equates to 75 cents/viewer!


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