I guess not everyone gets the fun and excitement that surrounds Dyngus Day. Anderson Cooper got into a giggle fit over the story in his show. I guess if you are  rich like Anderson, you can't relate to small town fun? Just another reason I won't watch CNN...what if he had laughed this much over Kwanza or any other culture's tradition? Polish Catholics take this day serious. The local Dyngus Day organizers have invited Cooper to be next years "pussy Willow Prince." Stay tuned to see if he responds.


Tonight...must see TV for Dyngus Nation. Representatives from Dyngus Day Buffalo will appear on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 program as host Anderson Cooper apologizes for remarks made against Buffalo's post-Lenten celebration. The program will air at 8pm, EST on CNN.

**UPDATE #2**

AC360 just ended with Cooper apologizing to Dygus Day lovers everywhere, especially to those who took his comments "the wrong way" in Buffalo. Cooper insists he was saying his "13 year old girl"-esq giggle fit was stupid and NOT Dyngus Day festivities. Cooper has also promised, schedule permitting, to attend Dyngus Day 2013 and be Buffalo's first ever Pussy Willow Prince. Keep checking back, we'll get the video up as soon as it's available.

(From CNN)

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