The Hub includes I-Pads, computers, mobile televisions and theatre systems and gaming consoles to give young patients and their families something to do during treatment.  The Dalton Foundation also made a donation to the Roswell Angel Fund which provides financial help to families as they battle cancer.

It was eight months ago when Andy Dalton's 49-yard TD pass to Tyler Boyd on a 4th and 12 play gave the Bengals a victory over the Baltimore Ravens and put the Buffalo Bills into the playoffs to end a 17-year playoff drought.  To show their appreciation Bills fans made over $450,000 in donations to Dalton's Foundation, many of them in $17.00 increments, symbolic of the 17-year drought.

Dalton's wife JJ said when the preseason schedule came out, "we circled this date and knew we had to do something special. The Hub is going to be a great distraction for young patients and their families, and we’re happy to be able to make an impact in that way.”

What goes around comes around and this is evidence of that.  Bills fans showed their appreciation with a huge ovation when Dalton took the field for the first time in the Bills preseason game on Sunday at New Era Field.

Dalton needed only one play to put points on the board.  His pass to receiver Jon Ross resulted in a 57-yard touchdown.

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