Only a month after delivering his final essay on "60 Minutes" Andy Rooney passed away Friday night after major complications of what was described as minor surgery. What the surgery was for and what the complications were have not been revealed, but he'd been hospitalized for several weeks.

Rooney delivered 1,097 essays during his more than 33 years on "60 Minutes". Sometimes referred to as the loveable curmudgeon, Rooney made humorous observations about everyday things. Sometimes they were things we had all observed ourselves, but Rooney always had an interesting viewpoint and as it turned out millions of Americans agreed with him.
Rooney worked for the Army newspaper "Stars & Stripes" during World War Two and in 1949 he went to work for CBS as a writer for Arthur Godfrey's radio show and later his TV show. He also was a writer for Garry Moore in the early '60's.
Rooney won four Emmys during his time with "60 Minutes". During his final appearance he called himself lucky and said "I wish I could do this forever. I can't though."
Funeral services will be private. Andy Rooney was 92.

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