The Buffalo Bills are preparing for the AFC Divisional round against the Kansas City Chiefs. Kickoff is this Sunday at 6:30 pm on CBS.

The Bills will for once, be hosting the Chiefs. This will be the first time that Patrick Mahomes will be playing a road playoff game in his career and the first time he's ever played a game in Highmark Stadium with fans.

However, there are some things to look back on when it comes to this past Monday evening's game with the Pittsburgh Steelers. One of those things is a Facebook post that has gone viral on Wednesday.

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A Steelers fan named Beth Pellegrino posted that her and her two sons' attended the Steelers-Bills wild card playoff game this past Monday in Orchard Park.

She said that despite the usual bantering and picking on that home NFL fans do of opposing fans, that was not the case for her and her two boys.

She says that Bills fans helped them down the icy and snow-filled walkways and stairs. They also talked with her two sons, stressing the importance of supporting your team, good or bad -- no matter what. They also praised to them how awesome it was that their mom took them to a visiting stadium like this.

She also says that fans helped them get back to their vehicle safely, since it was very icy and snowy; they made sure they got back to their car safely after the Bills' win.

This is an awesome thing.

We seemingly only see the bad that comes out of NFL games and fans. The viral videos of fights or throwing things at players or coaches, which is always sickening.

This is a great reminder that most Bills fans (and most NFL fans) have good hearts, kind and will help people out, when if they are wearing opposing team colors.

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