Josh Allen does it again!

The QB’s new commercial for Paramount + co starring Peppa Pig was such a smash, that we’re now blessed with a sequel.

Allen’s ad with Peppa is so popular among Bills fans that it’s sparked countless memes across the Internet. And you can’t deny the fact that we’re currently 1-0 with Peppa Pig on the Buffalo Bills’ side!

Another New Josh Allen Commercial Featuring Peppa Pig

Peppa is back with Josh in another, quicker commercial for Paramount +, along with Optimus Prime and Dora The Explorer. This time, though, the geniuses behind this ad campaign have brought in an additional character that is very familiar. 

Josh Allen Tracy Wolfson

In this latest spot, Josh Allen is being interviewed by CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson, who asks him how it feels to make his debut on the fictional Paramount Mountain.

“You know, Tracy, I’m just following in the footsteps of the greats.”

He begins listing off his former co-stars, who are waving from afar. And then, comes the surprise.

SPOILER ALERT - if you don’t want to see who the new character is in Josh Allen’s new commercial, stop scrolling now!

Peppa Pig Dora The Explorer Optimus Prime

Dora The Explorer’s Backpack Steals The Show In Latest Josh Allen Commercial

Yup, Dora and her magical talking backpack make their presence known on Paramount Mountain, and yes, the “Backpack Song” is included.

Dora The Explorer Backpack

“I’m surrounded by legends, Tracy.”

The commercial is a quick 15 seconds long, so keep your bathroom breaks short and to a minimum during this Sunday’s game so you don’t miss it!

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Check out the video of the hilarious ad below!

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