There are over 5,000 people signed up for the Buffalo Marathon that carried over from the 2020 race that was cancelled and people are waiting to know what will exactly happen this year. There will be an announcement Saturday morning, January 30th on Facebook live.

Now that the yellow and orange zones have been lifted by New York State for Erie County will that effect anything for the big outside race? If it is outside, can they make something happen?

Of course, we have been waiting for the guidelines from New York, but also, it is not exactly easy to organize an/or move something of this magnitude. Volunteers have to be coordinated, bathrooms have to be ordered, thousands of shirts have to be printed, so it is not exactly something you can "push off" easily to another date!

Greg Weber, the organizer of the Buffalo Marathon talked about the process:

We have to let companies know, for example, that we need 200 Porta Potties and we have to commit to it. We have to order shirts and medals, and those things take time to be produced and get here,” he said, explaining just some of what the producers of large events have to line up well ahead of time", according to WGRZ.

If you are still looking to register for the 2021 Buffalo Marathon you have until this weekend to do so! Check out the information on their Facebook page!

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