It seems like the cars have their own minds lately doesn't it?  According to WIVB , there was another car/building crash in Depew as a  car crashed into the side of the Burger King restaurant at Broadway and Transit.  While some people think that it's just another sign that the world is ending, I have a different theory.

My theory is that cars have ALWAYS been crashing into buildings!  Accidents happen.  It's just a hot story now due to some high profile crashes a couple months ago.  It isn't necessarily a case of more people crashing lately, I think it's just a case of everytime it happens we hear about it now.

Just like fender benders, I think that car/building accidents have always been happening.  As long as people don't get hurt, we don't need to worry about it.

However, seriously guys, you have learn the difference between the gas and the break.  The scary part isn't that they're running into buildings.  The scary part is that these people are also on the streets with us.

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