Are you always looking for the next great place to grab a great burger? I mean there is really no shortage of getting great meat in Buffalo and Western New York. The Allentown Burger Venture, Mr. Sizzles, and Grover’s are just a few that came off the top of my head as I am typing this.

Now being from Buffalo, I know we all really like to support local and independent places, which is exactly what we all should do. But sometimes a franchised establishment comes into town and you just have to patronize it either out of curiosity or because it is just that damned good.


Ladies and gentlemen a friend of mine just recently turned me on to another great place to grab a burger so if you are out and about in Amherst one location is located at 4080 Maple Avenue. The other is at 3460 Amelia Drive in Orchard Park. This particular burger joint is called MR. BEAST BURGER and it is the closest thing to Smash Burgers that I am aware of.

Burgers are their forte but they also serve up chicken and grilled cheese sandwiches along with fries and sides, drinks, and desserts. All the good stuff comfort food to curb the cravings and satisfy the taste buds.

So when you get tired of hitting up the same places and eating the same thing and you are feeling adventurous consider expanding your culinary options and head out to MR. BEAST BURGER.



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