Ok...before you judge, you've gotta check this thing out.  It looks delicious and they made it just in time for corn lovers headed to Eden this weekend!

The Eden Corn Fest is happening this weekend, and if you're planning an entire weekend of corn-loving fun, you might just have to make a stop in Hamburg before you get there.

Juicy Burger Bar is right in the village of Hamburg and they've come up with a little something to join in on their neighboring town's celebration.

It's called the Street Corn Burger and it looks absolutely amazing.

It's a regular beef burger (not vegetarian - although I'd imagine you could swap the burger for a vegetarian option if you asked nicely) with local corn, cayenne onion straws, cojita cheese, street sauce (like what you'd get on street corn) and hints of Chipotle Chili.  It's brilliant leading into Corn Fest weekend.

If you've never been to Juicy Burger Bar you'll find them right on the roundabout at Staub Square.  Their address is One Buffalo Street, but if you drive through Hamburg it will be hard to miss them.  They've got outdoor tables on the patio and it's an incredible place to stop in for dinner.

If the Street Corn Burger isn't really up your alley, they've got all kind of different burgers that you can't get anywhere else, and they're all incredibly delicious.  My family hasn't ever gone there and been upset about it.  It's been a great experience every time.

There is no word how long the burger will remain on their menu or if it's a special just for this weekend.


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