Outside of pizza, burgers are probably the most cherished food in the United States.

They're on every menu, are consistent and reliable, and just taste great. For many people, they're a comfort food.

Here in Western New York, wings and beef on weck are the two most famous Buffalo dishes; Buffalo-style pizza is another thing that we are known for. However, burgers don't get nearly enough love for Western New York. There are many local places that serve up tremendous versions of the classic American dish.

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The burger has to be big enough, but not overly huge. It has to have quality ingredients as well; cheese, toppings, condiments and a host of seasoning that sets it apart from other burgers. The bun is also important, almost as important as the patty itself. It can't be stale, too bready or overpower the overall taste of the burger.

Allen Burger Venture, Rock Burger and Juicy Burger Bar are just some of the places that have gotten a reputation over the years as the very best in Buffalo. ABV, as it's commonly referred to, has become perhaps the number one destination for burgers in Western New York. They are excellent.

But there are quite a few underrated places in Buffalo. Some of them have slowly but surely gotten more credit as great burger places over the years, but still should be getting more love. For whatever the case is, they're underrated.

Here are four amazing places for burgers that are underrated in Buffalo.

4 Most Underrated Burger Places in Buffalo

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