The spring and summer weather is finally here and that means you will be outdoors more often and possibly encountering wildlife in places you didn't expect. Make sure you keep a safe distance.

The Niagara County Department of Health says a third rabies case has been confirmed in Newfane.

It was earlier this week that a bear was spotted roaming through the yards of neighbors in Colden and Boston. It may not be a surprise in the more rural areas but it is a reminder that we are living among animals and should try to keep trash and other items that attract wildlife stored in a safe place.

We have two dogs and have made it a routine to get their annual or bi-annual shots completed. Not only that, it is also tick season and keeping flea and tick repellent at the ready is also a good idea for your pets and for your family.

The summer will unofficially start this weekend and perhaps you are camping? Keep in mind that this is the time of the year that many animals are having babies and if need be, will try to protect them from harm. Stay at a safe distance and respect wildlife!

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