What is going with the deaths in Chautauqua County? Is there a serial killer in Western New York?

There were two sets of human remains found days apart in almost the same location. Both of the remains were found near the Rails to Trails entrance off Woleben Road in the Town of Portland. The Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office says that they do not believe that these incidents are in connection to a serial killer.

The first set of remains that were found was aged about 20 years ago. These remains have yet to be identified.

The second set has been identified as a woman named Marquita Mull.

Mull, 50, was last seen in Buffalo kind of by the Broadway-Fillmore area on June 25. Nobody reported her missing to the police until July 18.

It is pretty sad the number of cold cases that do not get solved, not just throughout the United States of America, but right here in Western New York as well. With that, the friends and family of the missing never get any full closure, but it is with social media and the power of sharing information and fast, that some of these cold cases can be reopened and solved. There is a podcast dedicated to the unsolved cold cases in Western New York that some of our friends at Channel 2 put together every week. Every Thursday, there is a new episode that dives into a local cold case. Check it out! The podcast is called: 'Unsolved: True Crime in Western New York'.

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