Someone asked me where my favorite ice cream joint around Buffalo was and I immediately thought of Chubby's--the old ice cream place on the corner of Borden and French in Cheektowaga--that used to be my all time favorite before it became Autozone. Now? I have to say easily it has to be the caboose for some ice cream and only because it's just fun going to get ice cream from the train.

Of course, when I say that this is the greatest Ice cream place in Western New York, there is only one vote. if you're from the Lancaster, West Seneca, Cheektowaga area you know how good this place was, and it wasn't even because of it's ice cream. They had chicken finger subs and curly fries that were to die for. The guy that actually used to own Chubby's also used to be Val's bus driver back in the day and she said once in a while they'd get some Chubby's treats on the way home. Rumor on the street for years was that Autozone came up and was just offering way too much money to refuse. The corner spot is a high traffic, well known area in Cheektowaga. I found some throwback pictures for you below.

Now that Chubby's is gone lets go over some of the best of the best around Western New York and certainly, some of the most unique.

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  • 1

    Little Red Caboose

    79 Elm St, East Aurora, NY
  • 2

    Great Lakes Station Ice Cream - "The Caboose" Read More: 6 Best Ice Cream Places in WNY [LIST] |

    1279 Union Road, West Seneca
  • 3

    2 Scoops

    4626 Camp Rd, Hamburg, NY

    (Don't forget they have the 'name of the day'. If you're name is on the board, you get free ice cream that day. You can also check their Instagram before you get there.

  • 4

    Frosty's Lancaster

    5500 Broadway, Lancaster, NY 14086

    The building it is in is a historical landmark in Western New York and nothing feels more like an ice cream experience than Frosty's.

  • 5

    Sweet Emilia's Ice Cream

    545 W Klein Rd, Buffalo, NY 14221

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