If you ever ordered Chinese Take-out you know what the menu looks like.

It is a big Red and White rectangle with the items in order starting with the Appetizers then followed by soups, fried rice and so on.

Yesterday, I was looking to order some Chinese for dinner and was looking at a couple of different places near my house when I realized that the menus were pretty much the same except the name of the restaurant and phone number.

The Wonton Soup was listed first under soups and was #36

The Pork Lo Mein was listed second under Lo Mein and was #66

and my go to General Tso's Chicken was under the dinner combo at #25 with the little red pepper next to it stating it was spicy!

My theory is that there is one place in China that makes one menu and just stamps the restaurant's name and phone on it before it ships it to America.

Next time you order...see if your Won Ton Soup is #36!

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