The fall is that time of the year when we put the patio furniture and pool toys away and head inside. The cooler air is here and now we wait for the winter and cold months. But there are some who are concerned that another visitor may be trying to make it's way indoors.

Across the nation, there has been a spike in the amount of reported Joro Spider sightings. Joro Spiders may look like they could be dangerous but according to a report from CBS News:

While all spiders have some venom, the Joro spider poses a threat to whatever gets caught in its web — which can include butterflies, cockroaches, stink bugs and wasps — but not to humans.

While there are some places across the country that are just now seeing these spiders, they have been on the radar for scientists for more than a year here in New York State. This is even true in New York City. More on that here: The New York Post.

The spiders are large, and use their webs to travel in the wind.

There are many companies, like Orkin, that will help to keep spiders under control in your home. We use them for the outside of the house and the basement where they seem to hang out. Better Homes and Gardens says a more natural way is to use a homemade solution involving peppermint oil. CLICK HERE.

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