The summer of 2022 is almost officially here and given the recent events and mass shootings around the country and here in New York State, everyone has gun violence on their minds. But just how far does the idea of trying to make a difference go?

My wife and I are raising three boys who are all under the age of 7 years old. They, like most kids their age, can't wait to get their hands on squirt guns every summer. But this summer, it has a different feel to it when I see them blasting water back and forth. I wonder if I am being over cautious or protective? But regardless, I am trying to teach our sons, whenever I can, the importance of understanding ,and having a respect for firearms. Kids all over the country LOVE squirt guns and we grew up with them as well and, for the most part, they are an innocent way to have fun. But if the opportunity presents itself, it may be a good chance to talk about guns with your kids?

Here in New York State, there are certain regulations regarding the sale of toy/fake guns or what is allowed in public places. There is a CHECKLIST that is available that spells out what is accepted or not in NY.

Some may choose water balloons as a way to cool off? Dave Fields from our sister station, 96.1 The Breeze reported on those as well. And while the laws don't limit you from tossing around a few water balloons in the backyard this summer,

...(NYS) law calls for the banning of releasing balloons you could say when you throw a water balloon it is like releasing a balloon that floats up into the sky...but depending on what kind of mood the police officer is in, you could get fined for throwing water balloons this summer.

Have a great summer and stay safe!!

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