I’m super pumped Keith Urban signed on to American Idol late last week. Honestly, I probably would have started to slowly stop watching the show if it wasn’t for him accepting the offer of 3 million bucks. Nikki Minaj is all for being a judge, they’re just working out details on her money sum, and of course Mariah Carey signed on for $18 million (just to tell people how good they are on reality TV?! Holy smokes -- haha!). Are the new judges going to keep you watching? Or are you done with the show?

I think Keith Urban will make me watch the show a bit longer than I would have expected, but who knows. They need something to juice up the show, and quite frankly, I don’t know if Mariah Carey has got it to make the show entertaining. I probably would have had Ellen back before her for crying out loud.

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