Ask yourself.....Am I an outstanding employee??  Does my employer value me as much as I think they should?  If not, what can I do to better myself and make myself a more productive part of the team?  (LOL....haha! Right now you're probably thinking....."Is this guy a kiss %&# or some kind of wannabe self-help moron.") No, I just found a dinky lil article on how to be an outstanding employee.  I bet there are very few of us who actually are!  Those of you who really think that you are.....take a look at the list courtesy of Netscape.


Here are 9 traits of an outstanding employee from Jeff Haden of


1.- The best employees are a bit quirky!  You know, a little different than others.  They shake things up and make the work environment a little more fun to be around.  They probably test boundaries with authority!


2- The quirky person has to know when to reel it in.  Don't go too far,  it could result in disaster!


3.- Ignore job descriptions! This is quite important with small companies.  Priorities shift and employees need to do what it takes to get the job done no matter what their title is.


4.- Eager to prove others wrong- Education, talent and skill are all great attributes to have, but drive/motivation and the will to succeed trump all.  Tell a kid right out of college that he'll never make it in "this business" may be the motivation he/she needs to prove you wrong!


5- Giving others praise in public is a great morale booster.  Outstanding employees will compliment others on a job well done.


6- Do your complaining in private- Top-notch employees never air out dirty laundry in front of the group.  Do it one- on-one!


7- Ask questions for other employees- If you have co-workers that clam up in meetings, but you can sense that that they have an issue with the matter at hand.....speak up in their place!


8- Start work on time!- Don't waste time running to the coffee shop, shooting the bull, and perusing the internet.  Get to work!


9- Tinker- Don't be satisfied with a good job.  If it means editing, rewriting or whatever....Do It!  Make what is good....EVEN BETTER!






* all info taken from prep site*