Moist!!...Say it, ...say it!!  Yep, it's just one of those words that is ugly. While looking over the Breakfast Club's morning show prep, I found a list of the Ugliest and Most Beautiful words in the English language.  It can also be found on Netscape.  The list is a result of a study conducted by Professor Robert Wolverton of Mississippi State University.  He asked 125 students to choose words they deemed beautiful or ugly based on sound....not meaning.  Here is what the professor found.....

The Ugly-

1. Moist- Possibly one of the worst sounding words, but I think you can't help think of the meaning, and in turn, it makes you think its ugly!

2. Phlegm- First off....Ugly spelling!!....but really...phlegm just sounds awful

3. Hate- not sure why this one made it.  It's not a bad sounding word.

4. Ooze-  This one is fun to say.  I don't get it??

Here is the rest of the list of 12 in no particular order........ Vomit, Putrid, Grotesque, Mucus, Puke, Pus, Scab and Ugly


The Beautiful-

1. Love- Figured!

2. Eloquent- Yes!! Any you sound important and smart when you say it!

3. Faith- Ok, I can roll with that is a nice sounding word.

4. Plethora- No.....again, you sound smart using it, but it is not a beautiful word.  If it is....then "bacon" is too!

Here is the rest of the list.....Serendipity, Epiphany Lullaby Rain, Beautiful, Beauty, Grace, Jesus



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