Everyone has had a miserable day before.  But if people were to collectively vote on it, what day would be the most miserable in New York State?

We've all had bad days.  I'm not talking about awful, tragic days.  I'm talking about just plain miserable days.  So if you had to guess what the most miserable date to be in New York state would be, what would you guess?

What makes for a miserable day?

There are a few factors that could add in to a day being miserable.  The weather is certainly a factor.  If it's cold and/or rainy it's normally much more miserable than a bright sunny day.

If there isn't much to look forward to for a long time, it can be pretty miserable.  That's not to say that there isn't anything to look forward to at all...it just might be a long while away.

They did a survey to determine the most miserable day.

There was a survey done to determine what the most miserable day of the year is in every state in the country.  Our most miserable day?  It's January 31st.


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How did they determine the most miserable day?

According to this survey, they looked at the average temperature and rainfall in every state and determined that a low temperature and high rainfall would produce a miserable day.

Can you blame them?  That's a pretty miserable day.

Why is that our most miserable day in New York State?

It makes sense.  In New York State, our weather is about as bad as it's going to get at the end of January/beginning of February.  There's not much to do at that time either.  Christmas has long since passed and chances are, the bills from the holidays are just starting to roll in.

There's good news

The good news is that we are still a couple of months away from having to be ready.  Plus, now that we know the exact date of the most miserable day, we can get ourselves ready.  Whether that's by planning something fun, or just staying out of the way of the universe for that day, we can get ready for it.

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