It’s time once again for our Hometown Hero, brought to you by Keller Chevrolet and Batavia Downs gaming.  This Week’s Hometown Hero is originally from Niagara Falls, NY.  It’s 26 year old United States Army Specialist Dorothy Sisler.

Dorothy’s nomination said,

“My hero is an ordinary person who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. One who isn’t measured by the size of their strength but by the size of their heart.”
Dottie is a beautiful person inside and out and is one of the strongest people I know. I admire her so much for her strength and willpower to never give up and to stand up for what she believes in no matter how hard the situation or circumstance. She has done, endured, and overcame things physically and emotionally that many would just give up and not have the strength or willpower to overcome. Her determination and courageousness is admirable and her big heart shines in whatever she does. Dottie has a passion for wanting to help others, not just family and friends, but to all those she can. Her compassionate nature is truly amazing and is going to make her successful in her future endeavors to becoming a counselor/advocate to fight against sexual assault. When Dottie is home she helps to take care of her two nephews whom think the world of her. She would do anything and everything she could to make sure that they are always taken care of as she would with anyone whom she loves and cares about. I know that no matter how many miles lie between us we are never far apart. Dottie is one of the most caring, selfless, passionate, hardworking, and determined people I know. Those who know Dottie know this to be true of her also. I see many qualities in her that not only make her an extraordinarily beautiful person but also make her a hero. She is hero not just to me but a hero to all those who know her. Very few people will leave footprints in your heart. Dottie has left footprints in mine as she does in all those that truly know her. To have a person like this in your life is precious and that person is her.
I would like to nominate Dorothy Sisler better known as Dottie as our hometown hero. Dottie was born and raised in Niagara Falls, NY and is currently serving active duty in the United States Army for the past 3 years. Dottie is ranked as a specialist and is assigned to the 205th Military Intelligence Battalion out of Fort Shafter, Hawaii. During her time in the U.S. Army, she has been awarded the Army Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Medal, National Defense Service Medal and two Army Achievement Medals. One Army Achievement Medal was awarded for her help in expanding a Criminal Intelligence Fusion Cell, while assigned at the 19th Military Police (CID) Battalion, utilizing drug and sex crimes data that resulted in multiple crime trend products that helped to shape policies and regulations throughout U.S. Army Pacific. The second Army Achievement Medal was awarded for serving as a panelist at the Special Victims Counsel Course located at the Judge Advocate General's Legal Center and School, providing expertise and knowledge that aided in the education and training of the future Special Victims Counselors. The Army has given Dottie the training and skills needed so that she is able to protect the United States of American against anything foreign or domestic that could jeopardize the livelihood of our country and it’s citizen; and for that Dottie is an American hero.

We want to say thank you to Dorothy and to everyone who is serving our country and keeping us free. We are proud to call Army Specialist our Hometown Hero of the week.

If you would like to nominate your own Hometown Hero, click the link below. We like to honor both active duty and veteran heroes from right here in Western New York.

Thanks once again to United States Army Specialist Dorothy Sisler, our Hometown Hero of the week!


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