We just finished putting up our Halloween decorations, and we haven’t even planned what’s going to be on our Thanksgiving Day menus yet. Do we really need to start worrying about Christmas already?

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Well, we don’t mean to send you into a panic, but we’re a little over 2 months away from singing carols and decking the halls. It’s hard to believe, considering we’ve barely raked any leaves yet here in New York.

Trimming the tree is a favorite holiday tradition for  millions of New Yorkers. Many don’t even wait until their Thanksgiving leftovers are put away before they start breaking out their Christmas decorations, lights, and ornaments.


Are You Planning To Put Up A Christmas Tree This Year?

According to a poll from the American Christmas Tree Association (ACTA), 94% of Christmas-celebrating consumers plan to display at least one Christmas Tree in their home this upcoming holiday season. Additionally, a whopping 77% of those planning to put up a tree will go for an artificial one. 

Even if you’re divided on the debate of a “fake” tree versus a real one, you can’t deny the convenience of an artificial Christmas tree. They’re easy to set up and take down, they always look good (no need to worry about vacuuming up dead pine needles every day), and they save money over time.

If this is the year you’ve finally decided to go the artificial route for your Christmas tree or are looking to buy a new one, you’d better look to buy one soon. Here’s why.


Expect An Artificial Christmas Tree Shortage In 2023

The ACTA’s survey also revealed that out of those planning to put up a Christmas tree this holiday season, 78% expressed concerns about inflation.

Thanks to the fear of rising costs (like so many other things in 2023), a lot of shoppers are getting their artificial trees and holiday decorations earlier than ever before. 

“This year, we’re seeing many consumers – especially those concerned about inflation – purchasing their décor well before the typical shopping seasons of November and December.” - American Christmas Tree Association

In fact, nearly 75% of those the ACTA surveyed started buying their holiday decor before September

So as crazy as it might sound to start your Christmas tree shopping before you’ve even carved your jack-o-lantern, if you have your heart set on having a fake tree this year, you’d better start looking now. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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