A pretty interesting study done by the Center for Economic Performance in London studied more than 23,000 people between the ages of 17 and 85 to find out at what age people are the happiest. Turns out there are two points in life when most people are the happiest. The first one is 23, and then apparently it’s downhill for a long time in life.

23? Maybe it’s when most young people have all their school days behind them, they’re getting their first jobs, they’re moving out of their childhood homes and entering into the real world. Then maybe after that reality sets in – life is tough. It comes with bills and taxes and competing with others for the best jobs and the best pay.

After the early 20s, happiness declines until about the mid-50s, when things start to look up again. A lot of it is mental and the study found that extroverted, emotionally stable people tend to be happier rather than introverts. And emotionally unstable early adult years have a negative effect right into retirement.

For most, after 55 attitudes about everyday life seems to improve. Maybe it’s because the kids are gone and building their own lives. You’re heading toward retirement. The second happiest age according to the study is 69 and stays pretty consistent thru at least 75.

These are just general findings. Finding out what makes you happy and finding a way to get there are up to you.

SOURCE: Time Magazine