Are you happy with the job you currently have?  Well a new study conducted by has concluded that 64% of Americans are unhappy at their job and their bosses are the main culprits.  Because people are so unhappy at their jobs, they are less productive and this is costing U.S. businesses roughly $360-billion per year!

Here are a few stats that bosses may want to pay attention to:

1. When stress levels are high at work, 47% of U.S. workers say their boss flips his lid, blows her stack, does NOT remain calm or slightly in control.

2. The way a boss treats you can impact your health.  73% of U.S. workers in their 20's and 30's feel that their health is at stake.  Those 50 and older....only 40% feel that way.

3. Nearly 70% of the people polled felt that they'd be happier at their job if they got along better with their boss.

4. 38% of those polled described their boss as "great."   1/3 of the surveyed group feel unappreciated and uninspired by their boss.

5. 65% said that a nicer, happier and easier to talk with ...type of boss would make a happier workplace.

6. Only 36% of U.S. adults are truly happy with their job  :(